Applications of Recycled Plastics

Recycled plastic waste can be used in a wide variety of applications. The vast majority of our secondary raw materials, PP (polypropylene), are intended for the automotive industry for such as wheel arch liners, deflectors and air inlets. Other materials, such as PS (polystyrene), go to manufacturers of electronic components or to the furniture industry. Galloo Plastics exports plastic granules to mostly European countries but also reaches US markets, ensuring our recycled materials reach far and wide.

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Applications Galloo Plastics


Galloo Plastics is a market leader in closing the loop from plastics from End-of-Life Vehicles (ELV) to new polypropylene grades used to inject new parts for the automotive industry : underbody panels, deflectors, air inlets, wheel arch liners,…

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Car spare parts
Electronics spare parts


Polystyrene (PS) but also polypropylene (PP) are used by leading companies in the electronics industry to produce spare parts such as wallet boxes but also for household appliances.

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Household & Leisure

Our polystyrene grades are used as a reference in the production of plastic components for kitchen furniture, accessories, clothes hangers, etc.

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Plastics components
Compost bin

Industry and construction

Our materials can be found in a wide array of industrial applications such as plastic pipes, waste containers or tiles.

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Other applications

Car spare parts PS grille masque
Plastic hanger spare part printer

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