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Give a second life to plastic waste and join the revolution.

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focused on recycling 100% of all thermoplastics from consumer goods


sorting plants designed and installed based on galloo plastics technology

Transforming plastic waste into recycled plastics

With 25 years of expertise, Galloo Plastics, is dedicated to post-consumer plastic recycling and plastic waste management, providing an environmental answer to the demand for the ever-increasing technical thermoplastics sorted from advanced shredding and separation technologies. 

Our sorting techniques are patented and renown for their mature level with copies of the site in Halluin being present in other countries. This shows how advanced our sorting process is in order to transform shredder residues in second life polymers.

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Galloo Plastics is a market leader in closing the loop from plastics from End-of-Life Vehicles ( ELV ) to new polypropylene grades used to inject new parts for the automotive industry.


Polystyrene (PS) but also polypropylene (PP) are used by leading companies in the electronics industry to produce spare parts.

Household & Leisure

Today Galloo Plastics its polystyrene grades are used as a reference in the production of plastic components for kitchen furniture.

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Industry and construction

Our materials can be found in a wide array of industrial applications such as plastic pipes, waste containers or tiles.

Your goal is our goal

We continuously invest in plastic waste recycling and sorting techniques to improve the purity and quality of our grades, resulting in plastics that meet our customers' requirements. Our quality control procedures ensure that materials are validated before arrival to our site and that there is process and product quality control during the whole transformation chain. Each production batch only leaves our site with a Certificate of Analysis , proving its compliance with defined material properties. Join us in our efforts to promote a circular economy for plastics.

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Give a second life to plastic
and join the revolution

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