Effective sorting techniques

Galloo Plastics specializes in plastic waste management, including plastic waste sorting, recycling and processing techniques. We process plastic wast from different sources.


Waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)
End-of-life vehicles (ELV)
Separately collected household waste


Waste from plastic processing plants which cannot be recycled in-house

Plastic waste

Step 1

Our plastic waste sorting process starts with preconcentration. In this step, we extract the thermoplastic materials from end of life consumer goods. This is to guarantee the elimination of pollutants (metals, rubber, wood) but also substances of concern to make our new plastic grades meeting the REACH regulation (elimination of brominated and chlorinated plastics).

Washing and Sorting

Step 2
Washing and Sorting

The second step in our plastics recycling process is washing and sorting. The thermoplastics are further washed and separated into polyolefins and styrencis. Thanks to Galloo Plastic's advanced sorting techniques, we can separate 4 different types of plastics: PP, PE, PS, ABS but also talc-filled PP. This process continues to be primarily based on dense medium separation but today is complemented with other sorting techniques in which Galloo Plastics invested (eg electrostatic separation).

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The sorted plastics are extruded and their mechanical properties are adapted with additives.

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Quality control

Galloo Plastics makes systematic quality control in all production stages to ensure compliant product.

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Thanks to its expertise in recycled materials and equipment, Galloo Plastics can also propose the development of a specific grade against your own specifications.

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