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As a separate branch within Galloo, Galloo Plastics specializes in the processing of post-consumer plastic waste. With the introduction of shredder technology in the 70’s and dense medium separation from the early 80’s, Galloo decided to invest the recycling of plastics from various waste fractions. The goal is to give a second life to plastic waste from end-of-life vehicles (ELV) and other consumer goods such as electrical and electronic devices or WEEE.

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Launch of the R&D programme

Throughout Galloo’s history, research and development play a prominent role, and this was no different. 1992 marked the start of an intensive research program on the processing of shredder residue.

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Creating of Galloo Plastics

Just 5 years later Galloo Plastics was founded. The new processing unit was revolutionary. Plastics from the shredder residue from ELV and WEEE but also from household waste are since then recycled on an industrial scale.

According to a prefectoral decree, Galloo Plastics can recycle up to 90,000 tonnes of plastic per year.

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tons per year, the plants recycling capacity


of our production is sold internationally


focused on recycling 100% of all thermoplastics from consumer goods


sorting plants designed and installed based on galloo plastics

Sustainable development

Deeply rooted in sustainable development, Galloo Plastics contributes to promoting and preserving a circular environment :

  • Galloo Plastics is ISO-9001, ISO-14001, RecyClass certified and currently holds the Ecovadis Silver medal.
  • As a member of industry federations such as SRP in France and EuRIC and PRE at the European level, Galloo Plastics is actively promoting plastic recycling and contributing to a more sustainable future.
  • Our participation in Operation Clean Sweep is an example of our commitment to preventing plastic granules from polluting our seas and oceans.

We take pride in our sustainable solutions regarding post-consumer plastic waste recycling. Our sustainable practices and commitment to environmental responsibility have made Galloo Plastics a trusted partner for companies wanting to reduce their environmental impact and meet their sustainability goals. 

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